Thursday, September 12

new youtube video: loosing weight

hi everyone,

so today's blog post is about another video i have done on youtube,
It's about when you start to lose weight and none or some of your clothes fit and they are really loose on you.

some of you might be going through this, some of you might have been through this, but it is very frustrating when your in between sizes, the size you were and the size you want to be, because i can't start buying clothes that fit you now because you will eventually not fit into those too, and then you cant buy clothes that you want to fit into because 1, you don't fit into them yet or 2, you might eventually want to be alittle bit smaller so not fit into them again.

so ive come up with a few ideas that will hopefully help everyone, there just ideas of mine, you don't have to follow them or even like them, but hopefully you will :D

please tell me what you think?

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