Sunday, July 14

photobox customised iphone case

hi everyone,

so today i thought i would show you the amazing iphone case that i made myself! (well kind of)
I was looking for a new iphone case, caz the panda i had was a plastic one, but it was starting to stretch and not fit my iphone, and it was also losing the black sections on it, like his feet and hands.

so i started to google things, and ebay things, and then i thought about making my own, putting my own pictures onto it.
I decided to make it a very inspiring case, filling it with alot of motivational quotes and things i would look at everyday and smile. Because i use my iphone every day, without fail, which is sad but i will look at it every day.

so since ive been on my tone it up journey (if you would like to see the start of my tone it up journey just click the link) i look forward to every single day, and enjoy every day, so motivational quotes really help me get up and be happy.

I got it from a website called Photobox, i just came across it on google, but it was actually quite cheap, they had some offers on, and it was free delivery, so i thought why not.

they do a couple of different sizes aswell for the iphone, the iphone 5, iphone 4/4s and iphone 3/3s. They also do ipad cases and samsung galaxy s2 and s3.

and i love it, delivery was really quick, like came in 3 days, straight into my mailbox, i didn't have to sign for it thank god, and the box was cardboard but really packed in, so there wasn't any excess cardboard (i hate that) and the case wasn't allowed to move around. Lovely.

i am so pleased with it, and you can put whatever you want onto it, and as many photo's as you would like,
have a look here


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