Tuesday, July 30

Bumble and bumble surf travel kit

hi everyone,
so if you follow me on instragram, then you may know i have just come back from camping with my boyfriend.
I loved it, it was so peaceful and hot and i did get sunburnt like everywhere! haha.

anyway, as i was camping i didn't want to take to much stuff so i wanted to buy a travel size shampoo so that i could take it with me and then just use some of my own leave in conditioner. 
anyway i kept forgetting to buy some didn't i! every time i went to the shop i forgot!

until the day we were leaving, i went into boots to buy me some lunch so that i could eat it in the car, as i was in the queue i spotted this little beauty, i swore at myself for forgetting travel shampoo yet again and picked this up.

ive never tried bumble and bumble before but ive heard such good things about them, and it was £8 for it, so i thought why not!

the kit comes in a cool re-zippable bag, it has the bumble and bumble surf foam wash shampoo, surf creme rinse conditioner and surf spray.

the shampoo is lovely, it feels so clean in your hair without having the squeaky feeling, which sometimes i don't like. You only need a tiny tiny bit too, because it kind of becomes a foam it lathers really well.
It says "A clean-rinsing formula wipes out impurities and makes way for buoyant body and soft, sea breeze texture"
Its for anyone that loves abit of body and texture in the hair, especially if you want it to look like you've just been to the beach.

the conditioner feels really weightless in your hair, which is nice, it gets rid of all the knots in my hair without feeling really greasy and thick. lovely. My hair gets greasy quickly and its nice to feel clean.
it says "This lightweight conditioning rinse imparts airy softness and texture."
This gives a natural wave back to your hair.

the surf spray is quite a popular one i believe, it has a really nice nozzle and is more of a spray rather then squirting in one place so your hair goes abit crispy. You can spray it all over and it feels really natural still but gives you a real beachy wave and look, you can even run your fingers through your hair and it will just dull down the waves abit not get rid of it completely, which is nice, because i am always playing with my fringe.
it says"Sexy, salty, sun-dried, windswept styles - whenever, wherever.
It is for every hair type but is great on fine hair because it gives it volume. You can use it on wet or dry hair, i use it on dry. Spray it into your roots for my volume and body, it does say the less you play with it the longer it'll hold. 

so with my hair i just did a slight beachy wave style, so not really curly or wavy. but i love my hair like this, its so easy to maintain, and takes like 5 minutes to do, you don't even have to blow dry your hair because i find if you let it dry naturally you get more of an effect. 

do you love to beachy effect? or do you think it just looks a mess?


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  2. That's amazing for 8 pounds! The products sound amazing, I've been looking for something lighter to use in my hair

  3. I'm going to Boots today so I'll have to try and find these. The full sized products are a bit too much so it would be nice to try the smaller sizes.



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