Monday, June 24

guest post: My Dream Summer Outfit

hi everyone,

today is a guest post from the lovely Sherin from all about her dream summer outfit. I hope you enjoy!

They say summer is coming, but I'm not sure if I believe it anymore. Staring out the window, while wearing a hoodie and jeans, is making me long for the days when I can wear a cute t-shirt, with shorts and just go. I always find summer outfits so much easier to just put on. They're so low maintenance with no need for multiple layers or struggling to tuck jeans into boots; you just out on some light pieces and are good to go.
Although, this is by no means stopping me from imagining and mentally putting together a cute outfit for the next warm day we have. This means as soon as the sun comes out, I know exactly what I'm wearing, wasting no time deciding, so I can spend as much time as possible out enjoying it – who knows when it'll be back.
I like to keep my summer outfits nice and comfortable, so that there’s no faffing about and I can be as comfortable as possible. I do love wearing oversized t-shirts when it’s warm and, while I have no boyfriend to steal them from, I invest in super cute men’s t-shirts. There’s such a wide variety online and paired with a pair of denim shorts and sandals, it’s a perfect summer outfit.
what items of clothing i would love for my dream summer outfit, all from superdry or mel

T-shirt – Superdry
Shorts – Superdry
Bag – Mulberry
Shoes – Mel

Superdry in particular has a great selection of men’s t-shirts at the moment. There is a massive selection in all colours and styles, so there'll definitely be something for you. I absolutely love this striped one, with the darker colour pocket. It’s a simple look but really stands out. I've added a pair of denim shorts, also from Superdry, and I love the pink detailing around the bottom. Paired together, they're a dream combination.
To finalise the look, I think this pastel coloured Mulberry will go perfectly (hey, a girl can dream) and a pair of these lightweight Mel sandals. Mel shoes are great for the summer as they're so light, and they even have a sweet and subtle scent to them. And as a final addition, light makeup, with a bold lip is perfect. Kelsey recently mentioned a lovely orangelip colour, which would be great!
I hope you enjoyed my guest post on my perfect summer look. Hopefully the sun will come back soon, letting me actually wear this outfit.
And thanks to Kelsey for letting me guest post on such a great blog!

Sherin xx

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