Monday, May 13

Motivation Monday

hi everyone!

so since i've started on the Tone It Up plan. Every monday is called a motivation monday, which is when you see a quote that inspires you in either exercise or everyday life.
So i thought i would share with you the best quotes that i have found for today, i might do this more than once because it is very inspirational and makes you want to live life, not just day dream about it.

i got these all from pinterest this morning, i have printed some of them off and stuck them on my folder for my workout plans :D, i love to read these every morning.
i hope you find some inspiration in them and apply them to your day tomorrow.
see you all soon xxx


  1. I love motivational quotes, and I think everyone can do with that boost on a Monday, no matter what area of life it applies to.
    I love that last quote, my husband and I both saw it on Facebook a few weeks ago and we keep finding the relevance of it in daily life and reminding each other of it! Ha.
    I've been keeping up with your pics via Instagram and you seem to be doing really well, so good for you! I would love to be more motivated in general but some days there is just zero going!
    Mel x

    1. Oh ty very sweet, I will do a post on it eventually because I just love it so much but I'm scared to show myself yet, well u know what I mean, the face is fine but before n after pics if body scare me a little :) so I want it to be dramatic. If I can do it u can do it, it's become a habit now, I've only done it for 3 weeks but it's become habit to get up early and excerise feels wierd not doing it now!!!

  2. Love these pins, especially the first one!

  3. I love these, Tumblr's really great for these! I'd love more posts about your TIU experiences :-)

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