Saturday, March 2

montagne jeunesse peel of passion mask

hi everyone,
i received a little valentines present from montagne jeunesse the other week :D
it is one of there peel off masks in passion peel off*

now, i don't think that valentines day should be the only time that you should pamper yourself, so i waited until i had a day off, and made a whole day of it.

now, i have to say im not a big fan off peel off masks, but i think i have mastered the peel off mask, and really enjoy using them now.
It has to be the right one now though, i don't like a really strong one, it makes my skin feel really sore and feel like i have to take it off straight away.
this one was really nice, and actually comforting! it has passion fruit in there to help to deep clean your skin, and get the gunk out of your skin.

it looks abit funny, like im a giant strawberry, but it really makes my skin feel very soft. I wait longer then normal to set, i waited like 30 minutes, it becomes really tight on my skin, like i cant open my mouth at all.

but it brought out all my blackheads and gunk in my skin, and it was really soft and lovely afterwards, so i would differently recommend this to anyone.

do you like face masks? which is your fav?


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  1. I love these masks! I haven't properly tried the peel off ones though, last time I had one I ended up washing it off early because I got a phone call to go out :(


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