Monday, March 25

burt's bees lip balm

Hi everyone,

So today im going to review the Burt’s bees lip balm with pomegranate. 

Now these are very well loved by all beauty bloggers alike, but ive never really lusted after them. Then when i went into boots to get a lip balm for my bf, they had a 3 for 2 on, on all skin care, so i thought it would be a great excuses to get one, even if the bf turned around and said, “er why do you have one” i can say, 3 for 2 :D, no one can say no to that.

Now i know why everyone loves them, because it is red i thought it would tint my lips a little, it doesn't  but it doesn't say it would on the packaging, so i was just in a world of my own i think, but it is so moisturizing. 
My lips don’t need that much moisture, but when i wear a lipstick for a long time, like at work, i get it clogging up in the bit where you lips met your mouth, and it leaves a horrible line.

 So i thought i would give it ago, i use it every morning and every night, like part of my skin care routine, and i must say it has totally changed my lips, they are very moisturized and i don’t get that horrible line anymore, which is ace!

I think i might invest in the mango oil one now as well, because i love mango’s, i picked the pomegranate one because i thought it would tint them, but now i know it doesn't  I’m going to go for the orange, mango oil one :D. It smells really good too, but doesn't taste nice, so try not to lick your lips a lot. You can have a look at everything burt's bees do on there website here:

Have you ever tried Burt’s bees things? Which one do you like?



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