Sunday, February 10

sunday love ♥

hi everyone,

today im going to tell you everything i have been loving about the last week, i think its great to do it on a Sunday because its the last day of the week, and its always a relaxing, well deserved day off for most people.

I love Sundays because there always relaxing and its always a great excuse to have a do-nothing day :D

so what have i been loving this week:

music: I love boyce avenue, if you have never heard of them before, they are an american band that started off on you tube  they do acoustic covers of different people songs, and they are amazing, they have done a cover of locked out of heaven by Bruno mars this week, and it is amazing!

make-up product: i have been loving clinique's redness foundation in shade 01, you know i need the lightest shade in everything, this does get a tad to dark for me sometimes but i love it, it gets rid of all my redness and stays on all day :D

hair product: I have been loving the osis heat protector, it doesn't smell very nice, abit like chemicals, but it makes my hair really really soft, and protects it against any heat.

blog of the week: The Sunday girl, i love all her reviews and her photo's, like this one here about the nars 413  BLKR

favorite day of the week: Friday :D, me and the bf had a mini valentines day because we wont have one on the 14th, we went out for a meal to pizza express, and then we went to the cinema to see wreck-it Ralph  I had a calzone, and was sooooo many calories but i was really good because i think its the very first time i have ever refused chocolate, my bf brought some share pack of rolo's and i refused to have any :D i am very pleased with myself haha, and wreck-it Ralph is an amazing film :D, it is so funny and so sad and so happy all at the same time, and all about the old video games in an arcade, it is awesome!

food: and last but not least favorite food, this week it is the brand new product from cadbury, they are called egg n spoon, its basically like a cream egg, it comes in an egg shape in an egg container, you take the wrapping off bite the to of and scoop out like a white chocolate centre :D yummm.

so thats it, everything im loving this sunday :D its also raining and hasnt stopped all day which i absolutly love so im a happy bunny :D
what are you loving this week?


  1. Just have to say - I want to try those Egg n Spoons! They sound delish ha. I love Boyce Avenue too - its such feel-good music :)

    This week I'm loving that everything is heart-shaped or glittery for valentines day hehe! So pretty.

    Abby x
    Be You and Be Beautiful

    1. the chocolate egg are amazing, you need to try them :D

  2. Cute post. I still need to try these tasty eggs!

    Beki x

  3. I loved wreck-it Ralph, one of the best animated movies ever.

    xo, Vita

    1. i love it, it was an amazing movie, animated or not, it was damn good!

  4. Ahh I love Calzone at Pizza Express, so tasty! Good choice :)

    Michelle x
    The Never-Ending Wardrobe

    1. It is really tasty and really yummy!! But omgawd it was huge, my stomach was hurting all the next day because I'm trying to eat healthier and I think this pushed me over the edge haha


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