Tuesday, January 15

Smashbox photo finish, targetes pore & line primer

Hi everyone,

So I've had this for a few days and thought I would review it for you all, it's basically a smashbox primer.
It targets lines, wrinkles,hides pores, controls shine and mattify the skin, basically everything you want it to do in one big quick fix tube.

It reminds me abit of the benefit porefessional primer as in its a tube with a nozzle and the primer is white and thick. But when you apply it to your face it kind of sinks in and feels sticky, like your foundation/concealer will actually stick to it. Not like the porefessional that is full of silicone's, it has silicone in it but doesn't feel like it on your skin, if that makes sense.

It says you can wear it on its own, over the top of foundation to seal it, or put it underneath then apply the hd primer, then put foundation ontop. I don't own the hd primer so I put it on top of foundation.
(my skin without the primer)

(my skin with primer)

I found it does hide my pores on my nose, unfortunately I can't comment on the line and wrinkles part, because luckily I don't have them yet. A little of this stuff goes a really long way, you need way less then a pea size. Its very hard to work with, i have found if you rub it between your fingers to warm up the product, and then pat it on a specific area and then pat foundation over it, it'll not rub off. This stuff isn't made for the whole face like i thought, i had to read alot of reviews and things to work out how to use this, if you use it all over then your make up will end up looking like this:

I would love to try the hd foundations and the whole range because this is the first smashbox product I own and I really do like it,I will have to say that it is hard getting it out the tube though, u have to squeeze it really! Hard, and it feels like it will all spirt out at once, but it doesn't, you just need a strong grip :)

Have u tried smashbox products? Which ones do you like the most?


  1. Ooh, great review! I really want to try some smashbox products!x

    1. I would love to try their hd range because it sounds soo good :)

  2. I've never tried Smashbox but this looks really effective when you use it right x

  3. Primer is great - I've never heard of this brand before though!

  4. I have to say I haven't heard of this brand. Before kids I used to lots of layers but now I just do the quick makeup routine. But I am paying attention to your blog posts and learning about new products to look out for when I'm shopping.

    Thanks for linking up,

    Annaleis - Blogs and PR Team Member

  5. I really want to try more of their products!


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