Sunday, January 6

little savings along the way

hi everyone,
today's post, I am going to show you some little things that are on offer at the moment, January is great because you find little savings on the every day things you need,
so everything I got was from boots, hopefully the offers are still on.

so the first things I got were the cotton wool pads, and the cotton wool buds, it was buy one get one half price, so I brought 2 lots of each. the oval pads are the big ones and I use these for nail varnish and to take off my make up, the cotton wool buds, I brought one for me and one lot for the bf.
then the Aussie shampoo, conditioner and treatment were 3 for £5 I think, it is basically buy 2 get one free.
the sure maximum protection was a pound off, just ran out of my other so I picked up another one.
and the hair clips weren't on offer but I need some because I keep losing them and I want to try the long long ones, they look so much better then the smaller ones.

I also got my bf a shaver, I didn't want to take a picture because he has already used it but it is a Phillips wet and dry shaved, one of those electrical ones, it was half price down to £39.99 which Is pretty good for a electric one.

so I think I have saved a little bit of money hopefully, have you found any good bargains??


  1. I love christmas time, purely because of the amazing sales!

  2. i love posts like this! it would be awesome if you could do regular posts like this- i have an eye for a bargain and love having a heads up - thanks for a great post :) xxx


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