Monday, December 3

Origins zero oil

hey everyone,
so next up is another review for you guys, its the Origins zero oil, i picked this up a couple of weeks ago to use underneath my make-up as a sort of primer, not realizing it is something else :D

 Not until i read about it online did i realize that it is for blemishes or to help oil control which you can use before or after your make-up.
It is designed to mattify the skin, which i really like, but it's not really a primer, just to be used to get rid of excess oil on the skin before or after make-up.

It has a like clay layer at the bottom, and you have to shake it up to mix it all together before you use it. Now im not sure how you use it, i probably should have asked the lady before i just went ahead and bought it, i have tried it with just my hands or soaking a cotton wool pad and it does just the same either way, so i spouse it doesn't matter. 
It's like a water consistency, so a cotton wool is easier to use with it. 
When i apply it before my foundation it does mattify my skin, and leave it oil free which is really good, but it doesnt make my make-up last any longer, so i still need to wear a primer.
When i put it on after my make-up it kind of leaves a clay residue on my skin, that looks like my skin is flaking off, or that tooth paste is on my cheeks (yes we all know what it looks like)

But it does mattify my skin so im really not sure, if anyone has used this or knows of someone who's uses it, please leave me a comment if im using it incorrectly?!, of course don't be mean about it
but you know, beauty products are an experiment :D

see you soon 


  1. It sounds interesting! I get a really oil tzone so I'm always looking for products to help, haven't heard of this one before so its a lovely new find :) xx

    1. Yeah I hadn't heard of it before either, it does get rid of my oiliness which is good :)

  2. i love origins products but have yet to try this one, looks really good tho :D

    1. I've never tried an origin product before so this was quite a nice first product to try

  3. Hmmmm....interesting. It sounds like a good product to try out. But I guess we have to learn more about it. Gotta read more reviews about this.

    1. Yeah I would like to find some more reviews on it, if you know anyone who has done one, can u send it my way xx

  4. This looks good! I wanna try!


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