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Thursday, December 6

My 1 year blog anniversary winner!

hi everyone,

im so excited to announce my 1 year blog anniversary winner.
I cant believe i have been blogging for a year, just doesn't seem like that long, which is amazing! ive met some amazing bloggers, and talked to some amazing bloggers, and i just love the community that surrounds blogging.

Its also sooo close to Christmas now, scary, i have no idea where this year has gone, ive gone through 2 flats, 3 jobs and gained a bunny rabbit, haha

crazy stuff!

so anyway back to the point, my blog giveaway winner is:::: *drum roll*

yeahhh!, congratulations hunny, i have sent you an email too

i will hold another giveaway after xmas because, oh my days!, i am so busy right now, ive gotta work full time, pack up my flat, and generally panic about christmas.

soo yaaaa for me lol.

i hope you all have a fantastic day!
see you soon

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