Saturday, October 20

what's in my handbag

hey everyone,
i went on and on there you can actually upload your contents of your handbag and tag whats in there, and i thought this was a great idea.
and also a great idea for a post
i think i did one ages and ages ago but i thought i would do one again because i loveee doing these.


my handbag is a jasper conran one, i actually got it for a christmas pressie last year of my momma, because i brought a jasper conran purse 2 years ago and she thought it would be nice to have them matching haha

so in it i have:
  • rail travel cards (because i travel to birmingham for work)
  • mac fix+ (to set my makeup throughtout the day)
  • my purse (with money in)
  • ghost perfume (i always think i smell so i spray loadsss on haha)
  • 3 mac lipsticks, in snob, secret lover and vegas volt (you never know when you might need a mac lipstick
  • paracetamol
  • a pen
  • hair bobbles
  • my diary (to write things down in oooo)
  • a ring
  • nail file
  • debenhams beauty card
  • clinique stay-matte pressed powder (to set my make-up and it controls oil aswell)
  • clinique chubby stick in curvy candy (i love lipsticks)
  • clinique superbalm moisturising lipgloss in grapefruit
so there you go, i have a loot of things and i have no idea how it all fits into my tiny bag, but it does, you will make it fit if you really need it too.
i cant believe how many lipsticks i have aswell, i have 5 including the lipgloss, who needs 5???
haha, well i spouse thats a beauty blogger for you.

have you done one of these recently?? i would love to see it if you have!
leave it in the comments below

see you soon


  1. hey dear thanks for sharing your blog with me via twitter! Love this kind of post. I did mine long time ago and it was a college bag version. Lovely stuff :) Hope you can visit my blog and tell me what you think! XOXO


    MayT Essentials

    1. Yeah I think I did one ages and ages ago, but u always change ur bags don't u so I dont no y I don't do more of these

  2. i think i'd have to sort my handbag out before i posted what is in it... it's a mess! xx

    1. Haha yeah I had to get rid of a few papers aswell lol

  3. love vegas volt!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my giveaway to win 30 beauty products inc. essie and more! it's worldwide too!

  4. Found your blog through the beauty bloggers hop! New follower!
    Beauty by T

    MAC&Ad space giveaway!

  5. Love this idea for a post. You have a lotta stuff in there, very impressive lol! watch your back though, I found I used to get back/shoulder ache from full bags, so now I've had minimal bags ever since!

  6. I love reading these types of posts; I'm suprised all that fits into your tiny handbag too! Love the JC bag though!

    Jo xo

    1. Lol I make it fit :) haha
      I don't care if it's over flowing :)

  7. I love these types of posts!

  8. I love these posts and usually I watch some YouTube one's as well!!! I'm so nosy hahaha anyway I'm maybe gonna do one on my blog soon cause I have never actually done one myself!!!!

  9. lovely bag! :) a cute bag and love the color!!

  10. Lol ...I often have way too many lipgloss.

    Jackie @ Minerva Collection Fashion Handbags & Jewellery


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