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montagne jeunesse: clay spa face masks

hi beautiful people,

today im going to review and show you the lovely clay spa face masks that montagne jeunesse kindly sent to me :D,
i have reviewed a couple of their things before so i was so excited when i heard that they are bringing out even more of a skin care range.

It is such a pretty packaging dont you think? this is a kit of 2 face masks, well deep sea mud spa clay masks.

Once you open it up, you see them in seperate sections, the same design as all the other skin care items, you just rip open then packaging and get out the mud clay mask, it isn't like a cream you apply to your skin and then wash off, it is one of those, well i guess, masks, coated in all the good nutrients your skin needs with ready cut out eye holes, mouth hole and nose hole.
You just unwrap it, apply it to your face and wait, 10 to 15 mins should do the trick, when it starts to dry a little on your face. After you take it off, you just wash your face to get rid of the excess product and bin the mask, simple.

there are 2 types of mask, the regular dead sea mud mask that has things like dead sea salt, seaweed and kelp, to invigorate and revitalise dry skin.
The next one is a  glacial clay spa face mask has things like red grape and Arctic cloudberry it helps to cleanse pores and has a cooling effect. I love this one out of the too, just because of the cooling effect and i like the fact it has berries in it aswell, so i feel like im getting something extra in my mask, i know strange.
I also like these masks because you can lie in the bath, hair mask on, a face mask on and you can just lie there for 20 mins.

i would really love to try the chocolate face masks next, but im afraid it might make me extremely hungry, so i might need to wait :D
All of these products are vegetarian-approved, made from natural ingredients and paraben free.
Montagne say" Montagne Jeunesse is proud of its uncompromising natural credentials and ethos for ‘Conservation of Energy, Protection of Animals and the Environment.’"
they are £1.49 each, available from boots in mid august and asda in September, but you can buy them on line right now from their website www.montagnejeunesse.com and with free delivery over £10, you dont have to spend alot of money but still get a lot of products for your money.
do you like the montagne jeunesse products? leave me a comment :D

disclamier: pr sample

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