Thursday, February 2

nail of the day: peach melba

hey evryone,
so yesterday i showed you my little mac haul and what nail varnishes i ended up buying, here!
so today im going to show you the peach melba one.

the nail varnish is a beautiful colour, im really addicted to pale, skin colours at the moment, and i think this is a perfect colour.
it goes on abit streaky though, i think i might have made the layers to thick but its quite gloopy (if thats a word) on the brush, and seemed to come off quickly after i applyed it.
I am gonna try again with this polish, apply it lightly and make it work!
because i love this colour so much i am NOT going to give up, hehe

what do you think about the colour?
have you tried it before, and having the same problem or is it just me :D
see you soon!


  1. Peach Melba is one of my fave Barry M polishes!

    I've never had any trouble with them as far as application goes. Only with my white crackle effects which was a bit dissapointing as they're a little bit more expensive. Barry M is normally really good though, maybe just a bad bottle :)


    1. Oki that's cool, well I think it might of been me, so I'm gonna try again with it :) because the colour is too nice to give up on x

  2. I usually need about three coats of this for it to be the colour in the bottle and not streaky. It's such a lovely colour on so it's worth it :)

  3. This is such a lovely spring like colour, its so pretty!



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