Saturday, February 4

Hair experiment: colour b4

Hey everyone,
I tweeted a picture on Thursday of the hair dye I was going to use and I thought u would explain a bit about it too you all :)

So I brought a colour b4 kit from sainsburys, it's only available in big stores and in my town it was only available in sainsburys. It is £9.99 so pretty expensive for a hair dye but worth it.

I really don't know how it works, it's got no peroxide, bleach, ammonia in it.
It basically is a dye that gets rid of unwanted hair colour, like a stripper but without the bleach!!
It somehow shrinks all the colour molecules so that when you shampoo your hair they come out.

I did this in the salon I work in it was kind of an experiment lol :), my hair had gotten alot of colour build up on the ends and it ended up it was 2 shades away from black, oh no!, so we thought we should strip it.

You apply it just like you would a tint, leave it for 60mins under heat, or near heat is best, and then wash it off.
Here is the tricky bit, in a salon basin it is easy, you can get someone else to do it lol, but by yourself you will need to jump in the shower and take a timer with you!!
You need to rinse it constantly for 10 mins!!! (this is why you need the timer)
Then you need to apply the buffer (the shampoo it comes with) this smells really nice, massage it in like a shampoo and leave on for 5, then rinse off for 5 mins, shampoo a second time and rinse straight away.

A long process I know!! But it is very good,
If you have unwanted hair colour, as long as you hair isn't bleached, you can get rid of it and start again!, how good is that!!!

Salons don't have this product yet because all the strippers they have are bleach, so u don't know how this is only available in shops, but oh we'll :) hehe

Here are some before and after pictures (oh because you will need to put another tint on after, I forgot to say that)
See you soon xx


  1. Ooooh, never heard of it, but it definitely goes on my list to try, because I have awful colour remains on my hair and I so want to get rid of it, Im not even sure what my own hair colour is anymore!:D xx

    1. Yeah it's really good, they have 2 strengths, if you have alot of colour build up get the extra strength stuff just too make sure :)


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