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Tuesday, February 4

wreck it journal review

hi everyone,

so I thought i would do a review on the wonderful wreck it journal. I got this just after christmas because one of my friends got it and it looked amazing, so i thought i would go with the trend and get one too, haha.
Let me warn you this is not for the perfectionists!!! this is not for the people who treasure books and can't bring themselves to destroy one.

my wreck it journal

Sunday, February 2

my top 5 apps on the iphone

hi everyone,

i thought i would share my top 5 apps i use on iphone. These are the used apps on my iphone, which i love, it ranges from how i edit my pictures, to really random ones.

so to start off my most used app is:

1. Instagram!

Thursday, January 30

10 facts about me

hi everyone,

so today i thought i would make this post a little more personal, and tell you 10 facts about me that you may not know. I love reading about facts on different bloggers and finding out abit more about them, so hopefully you do too, and hopefully like me abit more haha.
I also did a 20 random facts about me in february last year so, have a little read through that too, so here we go.

Tuesday, January 28

empties for january

hey everyone,
and hello to my new followers, ive gained a couple over the past couple of days, so hello and i hope you love my blog as much as i do :D

here are my empties for january, i know its not quite the end yet, but i've used up a couple of things, and i have no space to keep them anymore, and my boyfriend, luke, will think im crazy if i start hoarding empty beauty and hair things aswell as hoarding normal ones. My last empties post was quite awhile ago.

all my empty products ive used up in january

Sunday, January 26

Most popular posts of 2013

hi everyone,
so i thought i would share with you my most popular posts of 2013. I really enjoyed writing some of these posts, and to know that you liked them aswell is really comforting.

so my most popular post was: